Employee Attendance System

Why  is so important of employee attendance calendar

Managing the Cost of Employee EngagementAbsenteeism is the failure of employees.  Employees that are on approved leaves of absence, or recognized holidays, vacations would not be included. The larger the degree to which people identify with the goals of the business and care what happens to it, the greater the motivation to be regular in attendance.  The more that people find their jobs significant to them, the larger their motivation to be regular in attendance.  As employees' workloads increase as a result of absence of a co-worker, peer pressure is exerted on the absent co-worker to attend work on a regular basis. The more people like working for the company, the higher their motivation to attend frequently.  Recognition of employee attendance calendar that is good helps improve attendance.  Employees are going to have lower absence ratio if they feel free to go over their on-the-job issues with their immediate supervisor.  Employees with a low absence ratio feel confidence and also have supportive relationships in their office.  Low absence ratio workers are found to be more satisfied with their chance of promotion and updating.The expense of absenteeism is higher than the direct payment of salary and benefits paid durance the lack.The indirect costs often exceed the direct cost of absenteeism.
The higher the rate of cover and the greater the length of service of the employee, the fewer the absencesAs a company grows, there is a tendency towards greater rates of absenteeismGirls are absent more often than malesSingle employees are far more often than married employeesYounger workers are far more often than older employeesOlder employees are absent for longer periods of time compared to younger employeesUnionized organizations have higher absenteeism rates than non-unionized associationsUnderstanding Absenteeism Resources of Absenteeism Statistics Administration of an attendance management program needs managers and supervisors to Know about, and to make work environments in Effective supervisory efforts to manage attendance will affect a small percentage of employees, but will lead to morale, increased productivity and substantial savings. Addressing the physiological and emotional needs of workersconveying the attendance goals of the organization so employees can understand and identify with themdealing with instances of excessive absenteeism effectively and fairly to produce deterrence.

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